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Walid Khoury

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All around this globe, and since the dawn of time itself, a certain hunger is born, that is the hunger for life itself.

Life is a multitude of co-existing elemental variations and shades that all emanate from the One Source; the direct blueprint and successor of all there is and isn’t.

We are all born from the same womb: Mother MU, Sophia, Gaia, Cosmic mind, many names have been given to this force that is symbolized by the Eternal Goddess. The unknowable self, that is infinite and beyond its own creations, imminent within everything yet transcendent of all manifested things. A point is merely an abstraction and can not be understood unless it is projected into a circle, from this geometrical sense we can relate to the void of infinite possibility by twisting the void into a spiraling vortex that bends the creator itself which then appears to be paradoxical. How could something be within its own exerted “material” yet still be able to retain outside of it, hidden in No Thing. Coming in and out of existence, like an extremely fast shiver that appears and disappears infinitely many times a nanosecond. Breathing itself in then exhaling itself out. In this process all life comes into being, for it has never been born to die. It has no time or space, it is beyond eternal. Nothing can be added or removed from it. In this way, perfect balance and energy is conserved, the process of existing and not existing at the same time allows the infinite to manifest at any given point in any shape, projecting out within its own self the many layers, dimensions, and hyperspaces that constitute its infinity.

Since ancient time and in a place when even the word “human” did not exist, the term where we are characterized with as a quality of being humane, self-awareness was existent, for life itself is made of consciousness, the raw etheric, weightless, and invisible “material” that constitutes everything. In the following articles and yet to come of works, I will be attempting to envision and experience first hand the writings presented within and include all the various forms and shapes of this expression to better envision our place within life in order to advance in the vocation of creating ourselves in the most advanced way we can imagine.

This is a compilation of the many different  teachings, introspections, contemplations, meditations, and the Art of those who lay forth the way and the building blocks to the infinitely many paths back to the one source.

I hope by reading and exploring this space, divided into many different parts, that the reader finds within his heart the illumination of the one, in total peace and in awe. May we prosper and grow in constant change in the image of our powerful unconditional love that has fueled this search in seeking within oneself. May your hunger be fed. *Smirks*

Fantasy Odin

Real Mythology

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