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Walid Khoury

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For as long as I can remember, I have wandered throughout this infinite void of creation.
A place of No-Thing delved within all the infinite possibilities and for as long as I have been aware of my own awareness, I have questioned and seeked, thriving to know. When all questions fade, the only truly remaining Idea is “WHO AM I?” The total sum of all questions that answers all others. The answer is the question itself…


The Magus

“If there is any truth to Gnostic interpretations, literally or symbolically, then perhaps the boogieman in all his fictional incarnations is the closest that our collective memory will let us get to the actual rape that began our pathology. And humanity has become a race of broken, pathological creatures.  All the violence and exploitation around us cannot imply otherwise.  […]  The memory allows us to remember the trauma but at a distance and with certain artistic licence.  I think this artistic licence is not a place of hopelessness; it’s a place of power. It means that even though there are distortions and horrors involved in truly understanding such a potent myth, these things can, through a strange circularity, eventually allow a fuller recognition of the thing.  I would suggest it is akin to catching a glimpse of something real behind a stylized depiction, remembering something once seen in a realm of imaginary light – some important, painful truth that we have carried with us in our private, psychic spaces for a very long time.” – Thrones of Pleroma: Amid Night Suns

I firmly believe and know that humanity was created to house the innermost light of life, like vessels designed to withstand the finest of experiences and are the fore front of the on going dream of the mind of nature(god); the source of all being. We are like the keys that continue the infinite expression of the cosmos itself. Each of us carrying the next piece of the puzzle that completes the totality of all the individual expressions of All universes, realms and dimensions alike. Life in itself is uniquely re-created every moment, and we are the reflection of the awareness of life.

Humanity is a species endangered by its beliefs, and most of all, its religious illusion of superiority. To go beyond history is not solely a human prerogative, for the path ahead is not ours alone, but the way of all sentient beings*.

In the most absolute sense, every little action any sentient being partakes in changes the totality of creation itself. We stand here today at the cusp of it all, awaiting the days to roll by whilst most us paralyzed and in deep sleep, unaware that we are dreaming. unconscious that we are unconscious. We have taken the creative fiction as real, and we have denied Ideas, and the Imagination as unreal. Only that the perception of reality is totally relative to the observer, because we have fallen into forgetfulness we deny the law of multiplicity on a very unconscious level.

Multiplicity states that everything and anything ever felt, thought of, dreamed, meditated upon or any sort of expression, directly manifests into being with the potential of it becoming aware of its own awareness. Not only does this creation live out its created attributes and characteristics, but is also embedded with the free will to become aware of its sentient life and partake in the joy of the collective march, the collective dream towards the infinite unknown, that is the Oneself of everything that ever Is and Is Not! It is like when Shakespeare wrote out his plays; in order to so, he created an imaginary world where his characters are born from, he created the setting to this experience, and he created the characters themselves. The character Hamlet persay, then becomes REAL, on the level of the Imagination, hamlet is manifested into being. It is extremely difficult to first accept this Idealism and it is not expected, for we have been sleeping a long time, controlled by the forces that we have given rise to through our power. What I am trying to tell you is that there are many different layers of existence, each having its frequency, its vibratory signature  and every other attribute belonging to it. What we feel and think and participate in Imagining goes on living in its own dimension, carrying out all the different tasks and experiences that this raw thought-form containing all possible scenarios that can be achieved. Therefore, it is extremely important where we direct our freedom. Yes! we are free, totally, and apparently: there are 81 countries at war currently in the timeline I live in, If we are not free to kill, then we are not free at all. Yet one should never satisfy his lust at the cost of everyone and everything else. This is where we are today, in the ends of the Kali Yuga; the darkest age humanity has ever witnessed. Because of this total freedom and the love of life itself towards its own creations and expressions, towards its own self, we are free. Most of humanity now has been cut off the many subtler layers of existence, and many have become so entrenched within the illusion of the mechanical and physical realities that they can not even start to conceive anything beyond their personalities.


The Myth Of Enki & Enlil


Since the rise of all sentient life beyond time itself we have witnessed all creation. We partook in co-creating our realities indefinitely, we designed our selves over aeons of time each extending trillions of years if we should compare to human terms.

“I will tell you a story. The dark goddess once wrote in a book that humans would be the physicians of the tactile and psychic senses. They would achieve this through drawing one another closer to the imaginary vortex. This is the goddess’ story and the vortex is a fiction. However, many others in the realm below the world believe this vortex to be a genuine reality and NOT a fiction that can be shaped. In this story, the dark queen dares to give her subjects the chance to rise above their own perceived status. She dares her Eidola to take this imaginary vortex and journey to the rainbow-lands where they can come to know things beyond service. She dares them to learn how to play. In this analogy let us suppose that goddess is wife and mother, whereas god is a creation of the goddess, akin to the many artifacts that populate the underworld. This story was not presented as a law, only as a dare to play as gods should play.” – Voices From The Fiction 

It is very important to come to realize and act from the knowing that we are a very unique composition and a  key element in the continuation of the “theatrical” play that is life. Fear has dominated so many, which then affects the collective entirely. As a human race we have superseded the point of negativity to a place of collective genocide. Since the rise of the “salvationists” and the theoretical empiricists we have all been drenched within grossly materialistic realities and have become disconnected from our Mother, portrayed symbolically as The One Goddess, Gaia Sophia, the sentient origin of all wisdom and off all sentient life. The Womb that houses universes and everything there could be. Part of the open plan of the Goddess was to allow her own creations to continue out their own imaginings, enjoying the bliss that is her love.
Have you not ever feel that you were once a very powerful being that has lost his remembrance? That there is this deep inner calling to go inwards and find Home? Always sustaining being so ancient yet so newly born at the same time?
This is the paradox working within us. In a deep state of mediation, we can see our “chaos” in motion, portrayed as stillness, as complete Nothingness, as a huge void that has eaten up everything within its entirety. In such places we find ourselves deeply vibrating, shifting in and out of existence as our pulse reverberates and dances to the rhythm of our Mother, who is both us and the imagining in itself. The illusion that separates us from this alignment is the belief that we are not it, that we are something more or less than who we truly are, waiting for some divine intervention to rescue us. It is an alien idea to not know oneself, for mother has breathed within us the gift of her own self, part of her sight; the eternal flame of divine sentient life that has the potential to become as mother once were. In a more metaphysical sense, we are both the microcosm and the macrocosm, containing the entirety of creation within us yet still having a limited physical perspective to look from with the senses to experience our infinity from within. We are consciousness sending itself packets of information through coded feelings and thought-forms.


In simpler terms, everything is inter-connected, every movement counts, there is a deep symbiotic relationship between all manifested life. In essence we are made of the spirit of mother, everything derives from it. In itself it is unknowable, as a mere point, it can not be understood or defined. It has to manifest into a circle to be perceived, to know the circle is to know the dot, the Zero Point of space/time. In math the number 0 is a whole on itself, containing every other number. The Number 1 is the first progression of the 0, in this way the son is born. The son then gives birth to number 2  in order to self reflect and achieve the ability of  relative “distance”. To explain this further, one can Imagine himself giving birth to a piece of art, the authentic artist/creator always knows that his own spirit will be imprinted within whatever he creates. In this way not only does he become imminent within the creation, but also transcended of it. It is like stepping out of yourself self now, in order to look at yourself from the perspective of the 1, then stepping out of 1 to create the second observer, number 2 remaining full awareness of them all. From 2 we step into 3, the observer observing his own observation. This trinity makes each and every one of us, we are 3 different selves in the unknowable self which is a 0. This can be applied to everything. From this 0 energy portal in beyond time and space everything comes to birth, having the potential to be just about anything the observer desires to explore.

The Seed
This is the unspeakable dream, the unfathomable unknown that is beyond its own self. In this way, the Student and the Master are one. The artist and the painting, even the canvas and the paint are all the same. This is the law of one, as spoken of by many new age concepts, but this has been known since the dawn of “time” itself. It is does not matter if someone believes in the mothers existence or not, for to deny her is to deny that you exist. There is simply no way one can deny that I AM, regardless of the why and how. In this kind of relationship with our selves we retain the power and the gift of free will choice, to have the ability to direct your intentions to your highest purpose. It is to live moment to moment in the realization that everyone and everything is you. Like dew drops on a spiders web we reflect each other and at the same time each individual droplet contains the initial reflection of the whole web. If you have ever fallen into deep synchronicity of lives “exterior” events, our life situation, a pure reflection what we are now, you would recognize that everyone is connected to you. The collective cosmic mind is like a giant quantum computer that syncs all life together, in this way information travels faster than light. All experiences are recorder real time in all “separate” parts at once. Each NOW is totally different and can never be the same, every nanosecond, the whole world is renewed, its continuity is endless, it is eternal. It has never been born to die. To live out of this realization and apply it, one should be ready to say yes to life in every moment, regardless of the outcome, but always thriving with intention for the best possible actions that benefit the whole and not just serve the lowest image or reflection of the self, which is only the outer personality. In reality, what we are to others is what shape our outer personalities. But we are not only our personality, in fact the personality is a part of us, but we are not IT. This is how we move into the higher layers of existence, by allowing life to work out its plan within us, aiding it with our talents and gifts of experience. In this way the individual becomes a direct image of mother to his own flavor. This is the secret of mystery schools that has been lost to us in our modern times. There is really no time like we conceive of, there is no death only transformation from one state to another, there is  but life and there is no higher purpose than life itself. There is no exterior space, there is only an interior space inflecting itself outwardly portraying to its unknowable aspects all its “hidden” parts. On the cosmic scale, life is a celebration and a dance like no other, it explodes in sheer beauty and love and enlivens ones body, mind, soul, and spirit altogether. Nothing can ever be more or less than the unknowable self for everything comes from it, but it is no where to be found!!!


“Do not make the mistake of supposing that the world you see around you, Earth, which is a mere grain of dust in the universe, is the universe itself. There are billions upon billions of such worlds and greater. There are billions and billions of such universes in existence within the Infinite Mind of The ALL (God). Even in your small solar system there are dimensions and fields of life so much higher than yours that, by comparison, earthbound mortals are as but the basic life forms that dwell on the ocean’s bed. There are beings with powers and attributes higher than humankind has ever dreamed of the gods possessing. Yet these beings were once as you and still lower; and in time, you will be even as they and still higher. For such is the DESTINY of humankind…” – Summum 

An Introduction To General Metaphysics by

Beyond the material world, beyond the common rules, limitations, and assumptions we take upon ourselves, resides a greater spiritual reality operating under a set of higher principles that can help us transcend foolishness, strife, and drudgery. Knowledge limited to the physical world and bounded by the shortcomings of our five senses is not enough to attain freedom. Metaphysics is the study of higher knowledge, the deeper truths of life. We only have to recognize these higher truths and live by them to rise beyond old behavioral patterns and access a new vista of inconceivably wonderful possibilities.

All is Mind:

  • Everything is consciousness, and all consciousness shares a common source. It is the ultimate center, the initiator of all causes, the core perceiver, the chooser.
  • Consciousness is the dreamer (Creator), the dreamed (individualized consciousness), and the dreamscape (matter, space, energy, and time). There is no difference between reality and dreams except that reality involves mass consciousness holding the rules of reality rigid, whereas in dreams usually only the personal subconscious does so. Just as thought underlies objects in dreams, so does thought form the basis of matter in waking reality.
  • Creation is infinite, composed of a unified infinite being (the Creator) and its expression as an infinite variety of finite beings. Stated another way, the Creator is an infinite being exploring its infinite potential through an infinite number of finite avenues. While individual evolutionary paths begin and end – beginning as the first stirring of awareness among primal matter and ending in unified congruency with the Creator – the grand experiment itself is without beginning or end because there are an infinite number of these paths.
  • Because all life shares a common source, all life is interrelated and of equal worth. Only the expression of the underlying source differs from one lifeform to another. To differing degrees, each lifeform is endowed with freewill, the potential ability to choose independently of another being’s choice. Freewill adds a wildcard factor that makes the grand experiment interesting instead of boringly deterministic.
  • Existence is both holographic and fractal in nature. It is holographic in the sense that all possibilities exist simultaneously and timelessly, while our individual consciousness interfering with this static pattern is what generates the illusion of dynamic experience. In other words, it is we who move through the static pattern, the dreamscape projected by the Creator. Existence is fractal in the sense that freewill requires discontinuities and inconceivable complexities in this static web of possibilities. A fractal exists as a static pattern created from a deterministic equation, but due to the infinite complexity of a fractal, its exploration by a conscious perceiver becomes an nondeterministic affair. And thus the game of life can be characterized by freewill even though the game board itself is static and deterministic.
  • Progress arises when freewill moderates the interaction between two opposite forces. This forms a trinity generically composed of an active force, passive force, and neutralizing or balancing force. This trinity can be found everywhere that progress is to be found. For example, the tension of a string comprises the active force, inertia of the string creates the passive force, and the musician is the balancing force. From this is born music. Within individuals, the lower impulses form the passive force, higher spiritual callings of the heart form the active force, and you – the incarnated consciousness – form the balancing force by choosing between these two opposite polarities. From this is born the progress of your personal evolution. Even the fractal boundary of the Mandelbrot set acquires its infinite complexity by being the balancing point beyond two opposing mathematical values, the finite and the infinite – which ties back into reality being a fractal hologram.

Good and Evil:

  • Choice allows one to serve the Creator within oneself by exploiting others or by serving the Creator within others. The first path is identifed as evil/darkness/negativity while the second path one associates with good/light/positivity. This sets up two branches of evolution – one that works against the laws of Creation and one that works with and for it. Both ultimately serve the Creator’s exploration of self, but only the positive path does so in a balanced manner. The tension between these two evolutionary paths enriches the grand experiment and provides the impetus for evolution by both sides.
  • As Goethe wrote, the dark force “wills forever evil yet does forever good.” The self-serving path, despite giving the individual personal power, also puts him in unwitting subservience to higher powers. The highest power of all is the Creator, which those of the dark hierarchy unwittingly serve by providing the grand experiment with the passive force necessary for evolution. They provide the darkness against which the light stands out. Lucifer is referred to as the “lightbringer” because through self-serving actions, manipulation, and infliction of pain, self-serving individuals unwittingly give others the opportunity to see the light.


  • Finite consciousness can be classified into an octave scale of conscious development. This octave arises naturally because consciousness is vibration, and vibration strung between a beginning point (as matter) and ending point (as unity with the Creator) sets up a scale. This scale consists of eight notes: do re mi fa so la si do. The first note signifies sleeping consciousness and the last note represents active consciousness – and notice that these notes have the same name, illustrating how sleeping and active consciousness are just two expressions of the same infinite consciousness. The space between two notes on this evolutionary scale is called a “density” and there are seven total densities, each encompassing a particular class of conscious development. The higher densities have higher vibrations of consciousness and are more evolved.
  • Whereas densities categorize different evolutionary levels of the dreamed, the terms “spacetime” and “timespace” classify different aspects of the dreamscape. Spacetime is the arena of causal interaction better known as physicality, where two or more beings interact while bound by a common set of physical laws. Spacetime is where experiences occur and lessons are learned – the ground, the battlefield, the classroom. By contrast, timespace is the sky, the command center, the teacher’s office. It is where individual beings have a bird’s eye view of what occurs in spacetime, providing a still point of contemplation, reflection, and planning of further spacetime experiences. This is the state one enters in between physical incarnations. The lower densities exist primarily in spacetime while the higher densities choose to exist almost exclusively in timespace.

Personal Spiritual Evolution:

  • Upon incarnating into a physical body, we experience an occultation of awareness and forget who we are. Then social conditioning and biological impulses graft a false identity upon us that is in total discord with our true spiritual nature. Most people wear this false identity for life and fail to recognize and fulfill their true reasons for incarnating. But for others, intuition and experiences help them realize that there is more to life than the material world (matrix) admits. Throughout life these individuals experience higher impulses guiding them toward becoming lucid in this dream, while simultaneously lower impulses beckon them toward sleep. For those who consistently listen to their higher impulses, inner and outer life transforms and begins to operate under divine instead of material laws, removing limitations of the latter and opening up new possibilities. This is the process of transcending the matrix, using higher laws to override lower ones by developing and purifying one’s internal nature to resonate with higher realms of existence. This is a prerequisite for fulfilling one’s potential.


I sincerely hope, dear reader, that you start to ask yourself everyday, in every situation, in any difficulty, in fear and in joy; WHO AM I? Ask it with a profound voice, demand it and fall in love, play and pray and pray  that your ancient and future selves reunite in the bliss that is us, that is mother.


Electric fire burning deep 
Within my heart of hearts 
Churning ephemeral instants of sudden blissful Joy
A presence far from yet intact to be able to leap 
Rotating fractals perceived in a medial of juxtaposing alloys 
Of bronze turned into gold
This journey is only for the bold

Traversing through the gates of interstellar waves
I dive in immense sensations Relinquish! Them demons ashore
I can ask for more and more and more
How far down will I plead to seed and feed
Like petals falling off their beads
In the heart of the mind of The ALL
Transitioning subtractions of addictions I have laid tall
Double negating then arriving home
In the heart of the warrior magi that ascends beyond the dare
Then descends into an open heresy and can stare
In the land of fiction and dream that all seems too real
I asked and pleaded over there and within me here: Who AM I?

Do you see what I see? It replied.


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