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There is a intricately deep relationship between all aesthetics and our perception of  beauty in light of our active imagination1. Likewise, there is a symbiotic interconnection between all living things within the human experience and what we define as natural2. In this sense, and after much personal experience, I came to a very simple yet effective observation within the human psyche; our personality, behaviors, and thought patterns are all but the result of this interplay between all the ‘elementals’3 and ‘laws’ of a particular set nature, one that depicts a series of chain reactions that all seem to spontaneously coincide.

What we have been exposed to and how it influences our own experience of self is a question discussed so variably in our recent history, specifically in the science of traditional and modern psychology. Yet what psychology fails to give account to is the effect of the active imagination on the laws of nature. Both science and psychology to a certain extent restrict the idea that our imagination can influence matter. Slowly, but surely, modern theoretical physics alike quantum mechanics will catch up, especially when such ideas become part of the collective wisdom of society. The realization that our thoughts and feelings and the way we imagine ourselves and others affect physical reality in itself and vice versa is an advancement of the intellect so few are willing to partake in, due to its highly demanding energetic nature as a practice, also since the layman’s physiology is still primarily restrained and untrained to attain such high levels of detached clairvoyance.

Is visual and noise pollution a result of our own inner pollution? One that we have created through time and space? And how does our imagination help us in understanding the self and its functions? How does this awareness of form and beauty affect this interplay between observer and observation and what does it entail on its practitioner? All such introspections have baffled the minds and hearts of many.


My curiosity and interest in all things audio/visual started at a really young age which naturally led me to do extensive daily research, from  reading and experimenting to practicing diverse schools  of yoga and meditation, in which I quickly acquired the taste for seeking ‘higher truths’4 given my fair knowledge on the world’s most ancient philosophies. As time passed and after my intense in-depth research in all the various fields of metaphysics, astronomy, astrology, Gnosticism, shamanism, pagan mysticism, psychotropics, magick,  the tarot, occult science, mythology, Ufology,  and almost everything I can lay my hands on really,  this thrive and thirst for THE REAL experience, so to say, generated a drive that grew deeper yet without me being totally fulfilled, that seeking which had dawned upon me many times finally lead me to this incredibly obsessive search for the ultimate ideal; what is the most genuine perception I can hold within myself, the most complex idea that I can conceive of! So I started imagining myself in the most idealistic way possible, with perseverance and dedication to my hunger for this ultimate ideal, I gained the ability to empty myself from everything I had read or known or experienced and readily looked at myself naked for the very first time. In this ‘naked awareness’6, I allowed myself to imagine the most complex idea my brain could possibly render or withstand. After months of daily attempts, I remember so clearly, that night, sitting at my desk in front of my computer screen, where I unexpectedly had this call and urge to open Photoshop, having been learning and experimenting on abstract visual art all my waking life,  also recently in that time I had been doing tons of research on the cosmic origin of colors and forms, and so as I began my silent empty meditation with this most idealistic intention of expression. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a void of infinite possibility opened up and the next moment I saw myself standing outside of myself, looking at myself within my own imagination, I was literally having a vibrational orgasm, where each cell in my body was vibrating at pace that I never anticipated or even thought possible. My whole body shivered up into a frequency where I felt and experienced myself as a singularity withholding the entirety of space5. Even though I still had the conception of a body and the chair where that body rested as well as everything that I was doing on Photoshop, yet at the same time, there was another “part” of my consciousness that was being projected outside of me. It was a brief moment of a really undeniable and shocking experience that literally made my sense of self eject from my seat into an altered state of perception, for lack of better terms. I felt like going outside of this entire conception of reality and then observed myself from a totally objective point of view within my active imagination. The amount of euphoria and beauty suddenly crashed on me, the moment I looked at myself from this detached viewpoint, I vividly saw and understood that I am an account of the definition of my own self at the same time I am all others simultaneously, I saw that this same “thing” that just left this body is this same consciousnesses that is experienced within anyone trying to have any kind of projection, be it mental, astral, etc. A moment later, which felt like an eternity, I was back in my body, crying my eyes out from the sheer explosive joy of the bliss and overwhelming experience and truths that I just had discovered.

What I saw on my computer screen blew my mind away, I had created an image of exactly what I experienced  when I stepped outside of my mind and body. It was the UNTHINKABLE DREAM of course since that was my aim, to think the unthinkable, what was totally mind bending, is the fact of my ability to transmit the visionary state into a visual medium whilst simultaneously experiencing it. What I saw would take me years to describe mathematically and scientifically, yet I knew then that there was real truth in there, so I decided to continue every night to try to seek for ‘more’ within myself, and after some time and experimentation, it led me to lifestyle of total moment to moment awareness from the minute I begin dreaming to the moment I sleep again. I was experiencing a deep synchronicity and euphoria, the melting-pot like utopian euphoria, a sheer explosive power of aesthetic beauty that had such an incredible effect on my life in ways that I could barely start to describe. What hit me the most was the beauty of it all, not the content, not what I was seeing in particular, not the visible sensory experience, but the intention and recognition, the realization of the beauty itself and all that  is contained within me. All I had to do was simply IMAGINE. The power of my own mind quadrupled and the willingness for discovery expanded even further, at the speed of light my whole life shifted from one thing to another, each moment was totally different and unique, I experienced being multi-dimensional on all aspects, at times, I could put my hand over something and see its cellular structure and colors within my imagination, it was so incredibly rich and complex sometimes that I would feel my body not being able to hang on anymore. I was as light as a feather living in an idealistic realm devoid of the version of the lazy ego part in me that wants it all but can’t be bothered to do anything about it.

It seemed then in those moments that I had established a link to the cosmic self, and through that link everything that I needed suddenly appeared in my life, I was totally self fulfilled and calm, relaxed and able to enjoy any particular moment. My attention for detail and patterns became ever amusing. Every time I would look at others having a conversation I would see and feel a depth and layer of understanding of their interaction that I have never noticed before. I saw the all the underlying layers that constitute a living being, from the deepest desire to their deepest fear. Not everything of course is dandy in our world especially with this kind of attention to detail, the really destructive aspect of myself also appeared. I saw how the old patterns I was operating under had blocked me from my real potential all my life. I saw that my attachment to goals, plans, and money, to success or fame and whatnot were the cause for my suffering because in that state I had it all, the idealism of living in an idealistic dimension of being separated me from all the world and its troubles yet at the same time brought a humility and grounding that was balanced. The drama had dissolved, and I started dealing with things on a totally different level. My expression seemed infinite and I was able to understand anything I put my mind into. Whether it were a complex math problem or astro-psychology6, I was able to link things in my imagination in a way that blew my own mind, everything was connected, everything was one and the same, everything was transparent.

We are living in a conscious self aware universe that includes a massive surge of potential for those who are willing to take on the challenge of creation. Everything is already perfected in a very imperfect way. Its perfection includes the free will of all life to express itself. That which leads us to our self-destructive ways is related to the confusion between the animal and spirit realm, which are just names for different laws or universal truths and behavioral patterns that depict the way a certain life form will cope with itself and its surroundings.

It appears that aesthetic beauty is created through the idealistic nature of the cosmic mind. It relates to things on a far more evolved level than we can begin to describe. This is what creativity is really about. The ability to dream a mythical being into existence using sound and light within complex fractals that naturally reflective algorithms that are able to transform in themselves any other formula in order to manifest into a physically appearing solid state is what the unthinkable dream is truly about. It is as if you now just put yourself in the shoes of a god dreaming of countless aeons7 and multiverses8, breathing them into existence with just the active imagination, which is so strong it can solidify the visions into an auto-regenerative self arranging sentient life form that contain all the hidden aspects of this dream. It is indeed like projecting a hologram of light yet one with a variable mass, not only does it become alive, a part of the eternal awareness is embedded within its self inclusive and conductive nature. Incredible no? By adoption, a part of this blueprint is also projected into manifestation.



Imagine living in a world free of sound and visual distortions, free of  illusions and aesthetic noise or pollution. How would you look like at birth and how will this affect the way we behave. Imagine if everyone had incredible aesthetic beauty, there would be no wars I believe. Since there would be no use for the whole ‘lust sexual love game’ of finding a mate, hence most of our so called modern society are still operating within an animalistic type of consciousness, which is not to say wrong or right, rather simply false given our birthright to be full blown humans. Then we will be forced to use our imaginations to even extend our uniqueness of being, when we are no longer living under the clutches of survival and instinctual behavioral conditioned morals.


After major observation, I realized that the human archetypes are in fact a result of a really long process of animal life, each animal through its experience created a behavioral pattern or signature, a fixed frequency of being, so to say. The entire vibratory pattern of all living things on earth is found within the human capacity and mental functions, also by the law of adoption, since a higher frequency of mind contains everything below it and something more. From this research I found that people who become interested in astrology for instance and then practiced it professionally, all have a common look, a common bone structure. Even their energetic signature felt the same. Could it be just a coincidence? I think not, because by now I know that nothing happens by coincidence. Everything has a cause and everything can be known. What is called a mystery is only the things that has not happened yet, paradoxically, only that everything in one way or another has already happened, so go figure. If we are here, breathing and living, in itself alone proves the potentiality of the multifaceted face of that thing we call god, which is no more no less the totality of it all merged within nothingness of the eternal dreamtime9. The biggest paradox we are faced with in our modern lives is this separation of being, and it is all due to the inactivity of the this immense faculty of imagination in relation to the mythmaking, myth partaking, and myth reenactment. If we had a deeper sense of awareness, we would drop all our gross frequencies, or what we call negative patterns, that affect our surroundings, directly and indirectly.


When we are born we genetically and physically take on the root problems and all the archetypes of the entire evolution of this strand of the family tree in which we are born, including as well all the archetypes of humanity in a more or less abstract form, each person having a combination of these micro characteristics potentiated in a higher or lesser degree than others, which we call as personality. As above so below, this famous hermetic phrase pretty much describes the state of all elemental matters that shape us. In this sense, what our parents went through in their lives affect the way we look physically. Our health, our character, our structure, etc. I am sure there are also greater causes on a universal level that I might be still blind from, which is always the case with any self deductive method of approaching a physical or metaphysical topic.

So if the lives and behavioral patterns of all animals created the foundation of the human experience, then most of our behavior is based on instinctual and self programmable sequences of causes and effects that led to the evolution of experience in itself. Who was the observer then, and how did his input of observation change the way we perceive things now. If you’ve ever watched a movie called cloud atlas you would know exactly what the director was trying to say. A series of events that continue over lifetimes creating a loop of interconnected events that go beyond our logic. An act of a kind gesture can ripple to become an act of violation in a different lifetime. Why? Because we use our animalistic inputs or modes of sensory data collection and analysis, more than we use our self aware communication with all living things as being a part of us, and us being a part of them too. This is not entirely our fault, and in all cases it is not a blaming game,  initially, I believed that there has been countless civilizations and experiences of different dimensions in this universe, we are but a tiny grain of dust compared to  the infinite possibilities that await us to observe and interact with ultimately.

Hence and foremost, if parents conceived their children on a healthy and aware basis, feeding the active imagination and allowing children to be free from personality, how would that have changed the way the child looks and behaves, is it possible that by only using our imagination we can indeed affect the structure of our own DNA, better yet that of those closest to us, also through adoption?

Is it possible that we can affect the quality of our lives by just using our imagination a little more. What if we used our imagination to understand everything, even science. Is total structure just an obsession and fear of chaos?

Imagine that we had to live in a world devoid of aesthetic beauty, especially when it comes into representing the female energies. Looking at my child hood pictures, by the time I was 2 years old, I looked like something totally different than when the time my ego was created. What is then the relationship between these behavioral patterns and the way I look? Do emotions, thoughts and feelings change the way we look physically?

Il give you small example. People who are always angry with themselves have a frown on their forehead, after sometime this expression creates lines in the muscles due to the constant tension. When we age, the lines on our faces become like the catalog or map of our entire lives expressions, our smiles, our tears, our happiness and sadness. Now when someone who has this behavioral pattern of anger, decided to birth a child, these qualities in one way or another affect also the appearance of the child. Of course there is the element of personal qualities that we came with into this world on an interior level, and we all vibrate anyway the same way in our higher selves, which is just a mythical way to describe a phenomena that might happen and hasn’t yet, or is happening and still misunderstood. In all cases, I am still sitting on that chair contemplating the immense pure, raw and unconstrained nakedness of clarity that subsides beyond the view of negation, beyond the curtains of duality, and into a realm of pure fantasy that has no beginning and no end.

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